Anybody in NE GA my pup can tag along with for rabbits?

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I've got a 6-month old Airedale pup. I've worked with her some, and have had her in the field a few times. She's real good about going through cover, not running off, returning when called... very inquisitive, confident and bold.
She loves being out there, but she doesn't know WHY we're doing it!
Unfortunately, I haven't been able to jump any rabbits when we're out.
Due to family, living in a neighborhood, etc., I have been a deer hunter for the last 15 yeas, but now want to get back to rabbits.
If I could get her with a rabbit dog one time, so she sees the rabbit, knows what we're looking for, and knows we're going to shoot it and bag it, she'll be set.
I haven't even been able to find a road-kill rabbit to grab it's ears and scalp to give her a scent and work with her on it!
Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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Get you a tame rabbit (prefer San Juan) let it go, wait a few minutes (or till you see it stop inside the thick stuff then get and lead dog to put out spot after rinseing off hands and shoes. If this does not work you can catch the rabbit, and let it go in front of dog in a semi open spot, then cut dog loose. She will probably sight chase for a ways but then should use her nose once out of sight. Then hunt her hard and see how she does on wild ones till snakes come out.

If this don't work keep bringing her in the woods , it takes time. If you look around I am sure there are people with trained dogs that would be more than happy to help.

Where are you at I might be able to refer you to some nice fellas I know ?
If you are willing to meet me at our lease near Washington, GA early one Tuesday morning, I will let you come join me and my beagles (as long a your Airedale promises not to fight my beagles).