Anybody know what this is?


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Ran in to a bunch of those off of Destin years ago. They were huge. We snagged one by accident and he got all upset. Jumped clear out of the water right next to the small boat we were in. Scared us pretty good. Only time I've ever seen one. They are funky looking fish!


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Taste like chicken!



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never know what you're going to run across out there .. ever seen a horseshoe crab??


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Came across one snorkeling off of Cancun years ago. Very unafraid of me getting close to it. It was about 4-6 feet tall, plus the fins on top and bottom.


...just joking, seriously.
World record triple tail!
That is one funky looking, fascinating fish!
They are the largest species of boneyards fish, really cool. Nice photos.