anybody removed particulate exhaust filter from 06 Dodge diesel truck?

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Correct I know its hard not realy knowing from the sounds of it but I know you dont know me but Trust me I know Diesel's and how to get the most out of them and I will not steer you wrong.
It will not trip any codes or mess anything up. Just don't through it away. Maby join a Diesel site like they will answer all your questions and then some.
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Still seems to confusion on the o6 Dodge having a particulate filter on the 5.8 exhaust. The dealership service guy called it a PF and it looks like a bulge in the exhaust pipe prior to the muffler but it has no wires or fuel drip line like the newer 6.7 Dodge with Cummins have . I know remove will mess up the computer/send codes etc but I believe removal of it the 5.9 on 06 model will not be affected. Correct?
The service guy like most service guy is an idiot, what you are referring to is the Catalytic Converter, I have a 2006 Cummins also, and my Cat and Muffler are sitting in my garage. To answer your question, No it wont hurt anything- computer or codes. What it will do is lower EGT's and sound better (IMO). I seriously doubt it changes power since there are guys running 1000+hp through the stock exhaust system.

And what Full Pull said, check out great website, but might suit you a little better

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Hintz is rte the Cummins forms are a great site.
What you realy should try is just a Cat back system you may realy like that and not halfto change your hole set up and worry about any warentee or dealership issues or greef from them.