Anybody thinking about going back to lead shot


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was impressed with the longbeards in the 12ga
I've always shot the Magnum blend. Gonna give the Longbeard xr and the Federal tss a test this weekend.


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Shooting heavier than lead loads has never been about shooting them at longer ranges for me, its been about a cleaner and quicker kill. Say a shell costs 10 bucks, whats 30 bucks over the course of a season in Ga if you are lucky. I spend that on gas each weekend chasing them. Heck, just cut out a couple of 12 packs over the next 2 months.
To me the Hevi just hits harder. Plain and simple. I can use #6s and they hit like lead #4s.

At 30 yards my pattern is the size of a volley ball and there is no where to hide. Makes for one heck of a killing combo.