Anyone else have a wife who....................


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Nope, mine handles the household chores and I handle the outside.
She takes care of the family and I take care of her. Happy wife, happy life and all that.
My wife loves to do almost nothing. But there's a couple thing she very good at, earns her a free pass on everything


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My wife has never had to do anything outside the house. She can do whatever she wants, but never has to do anything. Growing up she had three brothers who did everything outside. For her stuff outside is novel and interesting. I carry everything and make sure that no work for her is involved. I can and will do everything inside, but she claimed the house and wants things done her way.


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Do some of yall give them a choice?
I really like cutting the grass WITH A RIDING MOWER! Takes about 3hrs of mowing with a 60", little over an hr weedeater (which i dislike) and 1/2 hr edging the drive. Do it about once a week in growing season.
Another thing my wife likes to do is to pick up limbs/sticks ect in a few acres of wooded area around the house and burn them in the burn ditch. She will spend half the day running around in the gator / golf cart dragging stuff out to burn. She is really happy outside doing yard work. Won't wash a car to save her life or wash the outside of the windows of the house ..... my job! :mad:


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Mine holds down a couch pretty well too, She loves her a Nap, and can't stand me being inside. I'm assuming it's because i impose on her nap time. Lol.
Mine is like a 2 year old if she doesn't get her nap in every day and like yours, she hates me being in the house....and I am perfectly fine with that. :bounce:


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Typically the lawn maintenance is my job, but my wife has no problem at all firing up the mower and doing it herself. However, this responsibility was recently passed to our 10-yr old son as part of his weekly chores regiment.

Not sure if it's a blessing or a curse, but my wife is a stickler for keeping the house up, both inside and out.


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My wife blessed me with two sons ( they said I used them like slave laborers) who kept my yard up until they left the house and moved out on their own. Now it’s back to me cutting it. Told her we ought to have a couple of more kids to help me out around the house . Thought she was gonna slap me silly.:biggrin2:
:cheers: I like cutting grass, on a riding mower, growing up had a push, then a self propelled then finally Daddy got a riding one, I would cut all of our yard plus my great aunts and my grandparents! I still like cutting, but in some places I sure could use a bush hog!facepalm:

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I don't do it. Even if I wanted to, I'd probably do it WRONG. facepalm::bounce::bounce::bounce:

mrs. hornet22

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This hits too close to home. I asked my wifey, "why don't you cut the grass sometime?" She said, "If I tried, you would spend the whole time telling me how to do it. So I'm not even going there."

She's right too. Knows me too well.
Yep. That's exactly what I tell my hubby. He just smiles. :bounce: