Anyone ever fish the Adirondacks

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Looks like I will be heading up to Lake George next summer to visit my wifes favorite summer camping location. Wondering if anyone here can give some general insight to fly fishing up there.

Tom W.

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Don't use your bass gear for trout. A fairly light wf4 floating is good. If you are going to fish for sunfish or bass what you use here will work, but most water is crystal clear so you'll need a lighter leader. Pike, pickerel and the occasional Musky and all bets are off. Just don't lip them.
Stop into a local bait and tackle store and ask the clerk.. Not a Walmart store......
The locals want repeat business and good reports.
When I lived in the area I mostly fished creeks, some of which are fairly famous for trout fishing.
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Tom I appreciate the insight. I'll look for some local shops ahead of time and make contact with them prior to going up
I lived up there for half a year after college. Near Old Forge. The adirondacks are incredibly beautiful. Spent alot of my time in the woods and saw moose and bears. I fished probably 4 days a week. There are so many different bodies of water up there and everything from brook trout to musky to largemouth to salmon. My favorite places were lake Durant for largemouth on topwater lures and the north branch of the Moose river for pike. The smallnouth fishing was awesome too. I fished from a kayak. Man now I'm starting to miss it.

In the area I was, the brook trout were the main attraction for fly fishermen. I was pretty distracted by trying to catch big pike and musky so I don't have much info on the fly fishing scene.

Fishing for splake is also popular up there. I had never heard of splake before my time up there.

If you're up there in the summer you could probably for sure have a blast with some bass and pike in lake George using streamers and poppers/gurglers.

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I lived in Saugerties. When I got a car I went all over the Catskills and the Adirondacks. I suppose that's why I like the Smokies and Cherokee so much.

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Yes, the Esophus was my primary stream. There was also one coming out of Blue Mountain that got a lot of attention, as well as the feeders to Ashokan Reservoir.

And the one that parallels 9w from Saugerties to the Hudson.