Anyone heard of Arrow Arms out of Macon?

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I was in Churck's (Warner Robins) looking at options in an AR. They mentioned Arrow Arms that they have started selling and apparently they have been building them in Macon for several years. Their website is a little chessy yet, but the guy's @ Chuck's said that they are pronto on resolving any problems you may have. The one I looked at was about $200 cheaper than a S&W M&P15, but the Arrow rifle didn't include any rear site.

Does anyone have more info on these. I'd like to hear some reviews if you know anything.
There is a new place called Longbow Tactical on Cherry St. Used to be in Byron as Mid-Ga Tactical. I ordered a RRA 223 from them. They have good prices.


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I have only seen one of thier AR's. A friend has it. It is not really that accurate, and it went back to them 4 times before they solved a feed issue. It would work fine for maybe 10-20 shots after each return, then it would do the same thing all over again. it would crease the case during the chambering process, this would cause the case to be oval instead of round and the case would jam in the chamber before it ever made it all the way in. once it started jamming it would do it every 2-3 rounds.

They seem to have fixed the issue now but it required 4 returns...


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Yeah, I wasn't too impressed. Stick with one of the Major Manufacturers or check out Chattahoochee Gun Works. I've had two of and demoed three of their guns and had no problems at all
I have two of their rifles in different calibers. Both have been reliable and accurate. I'm planning to buy one of their .308 Arrow caliber rifles before hunting season. I do know that they use E R Shaw heavy barrels for all of their guns.