Anyone here make their own planer boards?

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Anyone got a good recipe for planer boards?

I am using them to pull blueback herring and large shiners.

I am using yellow birds now but need to get more and figure they can’t be too hard to make for what they cost.
Oh yeah I like those also. Very worthy and yes do not miss any fishing time trying to make your own version been there and done that.
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The Mack’s are the style I am going For but with plexiglass keels instead of aluminum. I got a 4 pack of release clips so I am $10 into the project now. Most everything else I have.
I just recently made a set of 4 planer boards. I went to Ace and they cut me plexiglass to the size I wanted. Cutting included in the price of the sheet of glass. If I remember right, only around $10. I bought one single orange noodle at Dollar store ($1) and used eyebolts for the clip to mount to. I might have $25 in 4 of them.
Mine look just like these, but with an orange noodle to make it easier to see and I did not use a ziptie to hold the snap swivel. I used a key ring attached to the snap swivel. They work perfect.


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I did make a few they work about the same as the yellow birds.

For my next batch I will make the plexiglass keels deeper and used heavier weights So they pull sideways harder.
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