Anyone know him.

Mercy on the man that simply takes a walk through the wood lines.

That’s certainly a north face emblem.
When the feds clear this up I hope he didn’t get too many ticks on his you know what.

Eagle Eye may need some new glasses.
Don’t be upset till the feeder or camera disappears.
Can’t even take a water bottle in the hand without someone claiming
“He’s got a gun” or “He’s got a knife”
Shoot Him!!!:eek2::biggestshoot::biggestshoot::biggestshoot:
Some of us are joking. I wouldn't hold a knife like that. OJ will be coming for you. Don't make fun of OJ's knife. Trying to remember if I've carried a water bottle around by the butt end more than <1% of the time.
Nope the cap would be stuck through his palm. Wraps on bottom. No idea whats stuck out past possible bottle. I'm starting to lean toward pistol and holster. Everyone take cover.


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Trespassing for sure. Signs help as a warning. Georgia law ASSUMES trespassing even if it's not "posted".

One of three things is going on here.

Lost and happened upon your feeder and just looking with no intent to harm.

Casing your layout to come steal it later.

Looking for a place to plant weed or cook meth.

Is there water near the feeder?
I hunt the North part of the County. What part are you in ? I will keep an eye out and check with some folks for an ID. Set up a camera on your entrance road to check license plates.
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