Anyone take the Whey Protein Powder from GNC? Need some suggestions.

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I just started takin the Whey Protein Powder from GNC. It says to mix one full cup (provided in container) to and 8oz glass of cold water. Well, with this mixture, it is very discustin. Does anyone know what I can mix with it to make it taste better? I thought maybe bananas or strawberries. I have a 6lb jug of strawberry mix and 5lb of vanilla. Any suggestions will be needed.

Jake L.
When I was using whey protein, I mixed it with milk. It made a decent tasting shake in either chocolate or vanilla. You could add banana or strawberry to flavor.
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Thats exactly what I was thinkin, any other way its discustin! Thx for your help..
Yea, i use milk, and you already though of adding fruit so thats bout all you can do. Hope you get it tasting better.


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I could never get rid of that taste no matter what I tried. Now I use Muscle Milk. It has 32 grams of protien per serving and taste awesome.


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When I was using whey protein, I mixed it with milk. It made a decent tasting shake in either chocolate or vanilla. You could add banana or strawberry to flavor.
I used to mix it with milk as well as peanut butter and put it in a blender. I only used chocolate and until I got used to the taste I would add a little hersheys chocolate syrup. Mixing all of this together tremendously increases the calorie intake so unless you are very active I would not suggest using anything other than milk. When I was taking it I was working out 4 days a week for 2 hard hours a day and ran 2-4 miles a day.

Whey protein is the only thing that I would recommend using because of potential side effects from the other stuff. I don't know how much research you have put into this but to much protein is not real good for you either.

Another thing I would add is if you are hitting the gym be sure to use proper form, if you don't know what the proper form is ask someone that does(not joe blow on the next weight bench). My body aches like I'm 50+ years old and I'm sure most of it comes from working out and doing stupid things when I was younger such as jumping out of trees and etc.


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Just make sure you drink lots of liquids so you don't burn out your kidneys.
In the future....avoid GNC. Sub par product for 2x the price.

Champion nutrition makes super tasting protien.

Proper nutrition is 80% of gaining...and gaining the right stuff (not fat).

The only time I use whey is immedatly after a workout. 1 scoop (22 grams) of whey, 8-12 oz of milk, 8 oz of apple juice, 8-12 oz of water and one scoop of creatine- and it's the most important time to take in carbs and protien and creatine (don't over do it, most reccomendations are a tad high- and if you use it drink lots of is actually one of the few suppliments endorsed by AMA (american medical association))

For great diet tips for gaining (or cutting), go to They also sell suppliments for a pretty good price. Last time I bought 2 jugs of 5# protien powder, 2 1.1kg jugs of creatine for about $110 and they also shipped me a free shirt. It will last me 5-6 months.


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I've seen creatine cause bad mood swings. Had a coworker punch out a glass window because he was mad. He was taking creatine and whey protein.

I used to drink MetRX powders. I like the chocolate but prefer the vanilla. It tasted funny at first, but I got used to it and now it tastes just fine. I tried not to water it down too much and it was almost pasty like. Made it taste better. Too much water and it kills the flavor too much and makes it bad tasting.

It helped though. I used it mostly when I was overseas. I drank it for breakfast (in lieu of food), ate lunch, worked out during dinner time and then drank a shake after I worked out. Only meal I ate was lunch. I gained 20 pounds in muscle mass. I didn't get really defined like a body builder, but I got tons of mass.
I've seen creatine cause bad mood swings. Had a coworker punch out a glass window because he was mad. He was taking creatine and whey protein.

. guess is that your co-worker was also doing winney, dbol, test, superdrol, MT1...or some other hormone...

not creatine-which only affects skeletal muscle glycogen storage and usage.

As you know, people who do roids always claim that it's something else making them gain like creatine.
finish your whey off then take N.O explode this is great stuff ,i took it in cycles and my squat in 2 months went from 405 to 465,you have to drink a gallon of water daily with it,its definitely worth it though.anavol also works great you need to be taking a protein while taking either of these products,thats so you can see the full potential of the product,i have been takin stuff since seventh grade and am 6'-6'1" 280 goin in 11th grade,squatin 450 benchin 275 and deadliftin 615,the only thing is this stuff is so expensive that you must work hard all the time and be commited to be getting bigger and stronger!
Bubba- sounds like you have had some great results.

as an FYI, NO explode may be having a "placebo" effect on you. Not only is the science questionable ...but the company that made it was caught not putting what they claimed was in it (as I understand it- do your own research)

Anavol was just a marketing ploy for selling more expensive creatine....I would just go with the plain micronized from a reputable company. In fact, Anavol has be Discontinued.

I bet that you taking all this expensive stuff has just made yourself work out your age, you have sooooo much testostorone all you need is a good diet and a good lifting program...maybe 1 tsp of creatine a day at your weight.

Don't forget these suppliment companys can make claims with out any real evidence...they are very good at making a story. I bet if I sold flour to you at $50 a month you would work out so hard that you would claim it worked. ;)


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The reason that you need to take in lots of fluids when you take these supliments is that your kidneys can't keep up with it if you don't.

Had a buddy in college that took creatine and landed himself in the hospital with kidney issues because he didn't drink enough liquids.

Just drink a lot of water and you'll be good. Make sure your pee is clear or pretty clear. If it ever gets dark, you know your not taking in enough fluids.
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I can't believe all this great info is comin in. Thanks to all of you genius's! Im not takin creatine, too risky for me just startin on protein powders. Maybe in college, but not high school. Keep the info comin in regularly ha.


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FishingAddict knows his stuff. :cool:

I've taken whey protein for years. If you only take it once a day, do it right after your workout. I just started taking creatine a month ago and have noticed an increase in strength- I've gone up on all my sets in the gym. No side affects at all but I have made it a point to drink more water. I fill up a gallon jug everyday and make sure I finish it before I head home from work. Drinking a gallon of water is not as easy as you might think. :)
Side effects...such as??
I could never get any levels of creatin to work for me. For some reason ANY time I took it my shoulders would break out something awful. Would go off it and they would clear almost immediately...yeah I know its strange, but so is life:D I started decreasing what I was taking of it to the point of almost taking ZERO but it did not matter. if my body detected any it would all go to the shoulders so to speak.

I did notice a strength and longevity in the gym increase though.

btw good info on the protein intake
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Hey guys, I found the best mix for the Whey Protein mix(strawberry mix).. 24oz of milk, then add 2 of the Little Debbie strawberry shortcake rolls, and last add the powder. Put it in the blender. And waazammm, instant protein shake that taste very good!

Keep addin info though, I might try creatine later on.