Anyone tried Record rack Golden Deer Nuggets?

I ran the golden deer nuggets all last year through a tripod feeder and the deer ate it up. Mixed with some corn originally but don't think I really even needed to do that. I used Record Rack pellets in my trough feeder. I used the nuggets because they do very well in spin type feeders. Now, my seed store quit carrying Record Rack and has turned to Purina.
I have always used the record rack products and have had tremendous results with it. I feed in trough feeders so they can have as much as they want. I did use a bag of golden deer nuggets and the coons found them fast. I use the Professional 95% of the time by itself. No corn, it really doesn't need it. The deer go through 120 lbs a week in 2 of the more heavily used feeders.


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Raised on the farm but I have never tried any deer nuggets! I guess if one got hungry enough they would eat anything! :biggrin2: