APRIL 27th Shoot visit us at www.bankscountyarcheryclub.com

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We are loving this SUNSHINE!! Its going to be a super weekend for our archery family & friends to get together at Banks County Archery Club. Bring your son or daughter, bring a friend... our cubs class just keep growing. Love seeing our youth enjoy the great outdoors not just sitting in front of a t.v. or computer all day. We have met some of the nicest groups of people in archery!

Hope to see you Sunday.

Timmy, Jessica, & Trent

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I had a great time today. We noticed a lot of new replacement kills, it sure was nice. I just couldn't seem to find those upper asa 12's.:banginghe


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I found a lot of upper 8's and 5's, lol:cool::cool::deadhorse::deadhorse: