Are the game check results misleading?

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My county of Hall, 3 years ago had 2,033 deer killed, last year there were 2,459 killed, and this season there were 2,703 killed. Hard to believe that the deer population grew that much in 3 years, even in a year. Is this actually telling us or the powers that be that the deer population is growing or that the hunter population is what's growing and the explanation of why we seen fewer deer than years past?


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part of it is people are figuring out and getting used to the new system.


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Probably more than that many were killed all along. Some folks are just now figuring out the reporting system.
Right. Folks are following the law
much more now. A visit from
Mr. Greenjeans is expensive nowadays.

And... If anything, I believe there
are less, not more youth are getting
into hunting and fishing. Sadly,
GEN-X is probably the last of
the hard core hunters and fisherman.


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Here in Heard Co. I saw a lot more deer from the stand than in years past with a lot less sits this year. I guess in some parts of the state the deer are thinning out and in others the deer are coming back. Plus I've seen more dead deer on the side of the road this year than I think I ever have from car collisions.