Arkansas Surface Drive Ban


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Pass a loutre wma already restricts mudmotors after 2 pm.
Arkansas has gone crazy. There are areas of the state that their biggest source of revenue are rice and duck hunters.
It's dumb to try and ban just SD motors and not air cooled. What's to say I don't buy a SWOMP 40 long tail with a unbaffled voodoo exhaust. Sounds like a politician is upset because someone with a SD kills more ducks than them. If arkie wants to lose on tax revenue then that's on them, there are plenty of states with just as good if not better hunting than arkie.
Duck hunting has become big money for every 1 hunter the state runs off 2 will take their place with more money
I can understand why, to a point. Heck I run a surface drive. But you hear fools running around 15 or 20 minutes after shooting light wfo. Idiots 200 yards away blowing ice out of holes at 4600 rpm when ducks are looking for places to set. It's nothing different than the idiots who run outboards do, but it's just a lot louder when an air cooled Briggs with a voodoo is doing it.

Long Cut

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Same state that banned mojos and has a 25 shell per hunter limit. Gets to the point you wonder if it’s for the animals or for other reasons....