Arrow Head collection from North East Georgia

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All of these arrow heads was found in the same location with in 200ft of one another. Except for one set of three which I found in my garden I will label those accordingly. If yall can give me any info on these and tell me if some are arrow heads or not that would be great.


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some of these may not be arrow heads or anything for that matter but they do look like they have been worked thats why I kept them. Their are 2 on my first post that may not be anything, and three on my second post that may be nothing. Yall be the judge.


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You do have some pieces there, shows people were living there who used quartz for points/knives. There will be lots of discards because quartz isn't the easiest thing to work with. And like you say, some probably are just pieces of quartz.


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typical cruddywhitequartz points....

that is some tough rock to work, but it was all those people had to work with.