Arrowed another 8 Pt.

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This has been a strange beginning deer season. As stated in a previous post, I hunted four counties for five weeks of archery season and saw zero deer. I was getting depressed and discouraged.

The opening day of gun season I saw eight deer and arrowed an eight pointer. I went back to the same stand this morning and saw six (4 bucks) and managed to arrow another eight pointer at 10:05 a.m. It was a 12 yd. shot and he was down at 50 yds. The first 8 pt traveled 15 yds. Those 4 bld. Magnus heads will put them down. I watched him fall and reached for another arrow and there was a 4 pt. under my tree.

I am going to sleep-in the next two days as I need some rest after dragging deer 250 yds by myself. I am 66 and it gets a little tiring but I still like the challenge of bowhunting. It will be does the remainder of the season except for a trip to Sapelo in Nov. I will take my camera to photograph some bucks.

I will be scouting two new places to hunt this week. Two total strangers told me I could hunt their farm land. One was a greeter at Wal-Mart that has farm land in the city limits. The other person is a new neighbor with a farm ten miles from my house. I never ask to hunt another persons land but usually mention that I bowhunt and obey the laws. If you treat people with respect you never know what might come your way.
Sounds like a mighty fine season (even the four counties and no deer is better than work:))

Congrats on the bucks, bring on the pics.

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I will post pictures as soon as I learn how to get photos from my Kodak EasyShare album to Woody's.

I will accept any help.


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to post the pics ,; in kodak eazyshare,click on the photo you want to post till its full screen, then click on edit photo, then scroll down to "best for web" and select it. give the pic. a new name and save it. at woodys manage attachments click browse an find the date of your pic and the pic you saved and click it . then click upload. goodluck!


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Congrats on some great success with the bow this year... :clap:

I'm glad to hear those Magnus heads are working out for you also since I just switched over to them this year myself, though I failed to get a shot at any during bow season in order to see how they worked first hand.