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These Arrowheads Were Found This Weekend While Disking For A Food Plot On Top Of A Hill.

The Area Is Just South Of The Laurens County Line In Dodge County. Close To Jaybird Springs.
We Also Picked Up About 2 Handfulls Of Flint In About A 200 Feet Area. The Area Was Clearcut 2 Years Ago And Planted In Pines Last Year. We Found The Flint Chips And The Largest Arrowhead Lying On Top Of The Ground. When We Disked A Small Spot For The Food Plot In The Same 200 Foot Area, Then We Found The Two Other Arrowheads.

Any Information On The Tribe, Time Frame, Names Of Points Would Be Appreciated.


Burl E.

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Man, That's a nice find!
All I ever find is Chiggers and Ticks.


Point on the left looks to be a Savannah River, not sure on the middle one, right piece looks to be an unfinished preform judgin` from the pic. I would think they are Archaic pieces. As far as tribe, we have no idea what these people called themselves, but they were there long before the Creeks moved into the area. I`d sure go back there after it rains and look some more.

Jaybird huh? We used to go there when I was a youngun. They had the first cement pond (swimmin` pool) I ever saw! :D