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May be in the area over the fourth of July week. Tips, points, etc on trying my hand at fly fishing in streams for trout. Thanks. My have my 13 and 16 year old when they finish up FUGE camp.
What kind of fishing are you looking for? Stockers? Wild trout?


Davidson River near Brevard offers fishing for stockers or wild trout, and some big ones! The lower part of the River is stocked weekly while the upper part is catch and release only. The upper part can be tough because it gets a lot of traffic, but the opportunity is there to catch a big fish. For more info, explore this web site:
The only problem with the stocked waters is that they don't stock them much at all after about the end of this month.
Hit the Davidson a few minutes this morning between other creeks. Caught about ten fat stockers out of one hole in about fifteen minutes.


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The Davidson forks and looking Glass Creek go's to the right up towards the blue ridge parkway. It is full of small wild rainbow and a few Brook trout as it gains altitude and becomes a very small stream. If you don't have any luck fishing your kids should have fun at sliding rock, if they don't mind waiting in line some.