Atlanta Fly Fishing Show Feb 2 & 3

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Here is a list of seminars for the upcoming Atlanta Fly Fishing Show being held @ the Infinite Energy Center (the old Gwinnett Civic Center). Mark your calendar for Friday Feb 2 and Saturday Feb 3...

Featured Fly Tying Seminars:

10:00 Landon Mayer – Signature Guide Flies: Quick Step Durable Ties That
Catch Fish
11:15 Henry Cowen – Flies Worth Their “Weight”
12:30 Jonathan Kiley – Mastering the Baitfish
1:45 Dave Whitlock – 3-Caddis Vertical Emerger Flies
3:00 Enrico Puglisi – Tying Trout Flies with Synthetics
4:15 Gary Borger – Down and Dirty Flies

10:00 Dave Whitlock – Vortex Divers
11:15 Henry Cowen – Tying Fresh Water Striped Bass Flies
12:30 Bob Clouser – The Fur Collar Bunny Buster, Clouser Style
1:45 Gary Borger – Dry Fly Designs
3:00 Kevin Arculeo – Fun with Foam Flies
4:15 Tim Flagler – Size Matters – Tips, Tools & Techniques for Tying Hooks
From Size 24 to 3/0

Power Point Seminars:

Catch Room
10:00 Kevin Howell – Kevin Howell – 50 Best Places to Fly-Fish Southeast
11:30 Bruce Chard – Flats Fishing the World
1:00 Gary Borger – Fishing the Film
2:30 Bob Clouser – Fly Fishing For Bass, Top to Bottom
4:00 Henry Cowen – Fly Fishing Fresh Waters for Everything but Trout

Release Room
10:30 John Shaner – Spiders and Soft Hackles. Ancient Flies for Modern
12:00 Jason Randall – Euronymphing, Tightline and Other Nymph Fishing
Secret Weapons
1:30 George Daniel – Streamers 2.0
3:00 Jimmy Jacobs – Georgia’s Back Country Trout Streams
4:30 Landon Mayer – Trout Tips 2.0, New Secrets and Tactics for Selective

Catch Room
10:00 Nate Brumley – Dry Fly Approaches
11:30 Jason Randall – When All Else Fails; Catching Trout on Tough Days
1:00 Mac Brown – Improving Presentation
2:30 George Daniel – Situational Nymphing
4:00 Bruce Chard – Grand Slam on Fly

Release Room
10:30 Kevin Howell – Beyond the Cold Water
12:00 Landon Mayer – Successful Season: Techniques for Hunting Quality
Trout all Year
1:30 Henry Cowen – Fly Fishing for Sodium Free Striped Bass
3:00 Gary Borger – Nymphing from Top to Bottom
4:30 Jimmy Jacobs – Wading for Georgia’s River Bass
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Sat Feb 3 @ 1:30pm if you happen to attend the show, try to make time to attend our striped bass presentation that covers southeastern impoundments...we cover everything in helping folks find and feed the fish (whether you are a fly rodder or a conventional angler). See the video below...
This is the best lineup of speakers and seminars I've ever seen at any fly fishing show. Can't wait for it to get here!


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Good news...I'll be in Palm Desert, CA for Super Bowl weekend on a plush golf outing :fine:

Bad news...I'll miss the Fly Fishing Show :(

Good news...Henry won't have me hanging around his tying station and seminars like a gadfly :biggrin2:

For the rest of you, don't miss the show!



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I went Friday and spent too much money. Went by Henry's station a few times but he must have been busy hobnobbing with other celebrities. I knew he had been there though because I saw Arturo Fuentes Hemingway boxes. Great show. I hope it was successful and continues to select Atlanta as a host city.