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I have a ruger American predator left hand all the stocks I find are righthanded. has anyone took a righthanded stock and cut notch for the bolt.the ruger has a tang safety and looks like it would work. any ideas or suggestions?
I have done that to a Savage when I replaced a wood blind mag stock with a synthetic detachable box model. For the conversion I drilled a few small holes in the synthetic at the bolt cutout to create a mechanical lock and taped it up from the inside and outside to follow the stock contour and hold the epoxy and filled it with JB weld, after it hardened minimum filing and sanding made it perfect. Then I just made a bolt cutout on the left hand side. after a few more improvements (bedding, shortening the length of pull and adding an adjustable kydex cheek riser) I gave the whole thing a sponge camo paint job.
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Boyd's gunstocks make them for the regular Ruger American in left-handed the only difference for the Predator version is a slightly heavier Barrel I'm sure you could work the barrel Channel out to fit it