Aussie Blackwood Trumpet= SOUND FILE ADDED

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I built this Aussie Blackwood trumpet recently, pretty unique wood. It is a cousin to the Koa tree, but this billet I have is about as dense as this species gets and sounds more rosewood-like than Koa to my ears. I bought this lumber directly from a logger in Australia many years ago to be used in guitars, but now it will provide enough blanks to build 48 trumpets. Played this one in the woods today, runs soft or loud and has very realistic tone.

Here is a one-off sound file I recorded in the woods, it is full of distractions as my dog was involved(you will hear and I got a text in the middle of it as well. I am approx 30 yards away facing away from the phone recorder so it is low volume. The first half of the recording is the Aussie Blackwood trumpet and the second half is my Osage Orange trumpet. I would be curious to see what you guys think.
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