AWD and gas mileage

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Just curious how many drive their trucks in AWD all the time? Not 4 wheel drive but AWD. Do you get better gas mileage if you turn it off?


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Never have, even in snow or mud I will choose 4hi instead. And then go back to 2hi when on pavement, So I can't say about mileage, although I'm sure it will lessen it driving around in AWD or 4wd auto, the problem with doing so is if any of your tires is a few lbs lower than the rest of them, the tire circumference will be different, and the computer will interpret that as a wheel slipping and activate the transfer case accordingly, same thing if one or more of your tires is worn more than the others, and it doesn't have to be a lot either.

I've seen many a transfer case come in the shop overheated and with the clutch pack smoked because of it working all the time the vehicle is going down the road.
You may be able to goto a manufactures site, say toyota for example, and compare models.

For example, the rav4. They have 2wd and awd versions. They'd probably have the sxs comparison of the models.


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My wife has a Honda CR-V. It is available in 2 wd and AWD. There was a 1 mpg difference on the specs when we looked at them and compared everything on the window sticker

I imagine that to be a general rule, "a little bit worse in AWD"


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My 2011 AWD Sierra Denali gets about 14 around town and 19 on the highway. A truck in 2wd gets about 15 and 20 same basic conditions. I love the AWD because I live on a gravel driveway and you don't have to worry about starting to pull out and then spinning the tires when a car comes flying around the curve.
wife's new (2017) V-6 4Runner is AWD /4WD and it gets 20mpg ( it stays in AWD all the time ) -- my 2006 Tundra V-8 4WD gets 20mpg -- with the newer Toyota models, not enough difference in gas mileage,but higher$$ when purchasing a 4WD - the AWD will handle better, you will especially notice on curves ( no lean*) - highly recommend the Toyota vehicles


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Chose AWD(4WD) in the Explorer we got, as I like it when traveling in rain and of course should we hit snow which we've done two out of the last 5 trips up north in the March timeframe.