Awt...Oh! Lease is being Thinned right now!

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Just found out from the forester that they started thinning my lease last Wednesday :eek:

We knew that they were going to be thinning this year and I am glad they are doing it now.

This will not be the first thinning done on the pines so hopefully it won't take to long.

My father and our friend are going up this weekend to make sure the camp is not destroyed and to talk to the loggers.

Could ruin muzzleloading weekend and the first day of gun.... :banginghe that is when our bucks go into rut :banginghe

See my avatar above....he was taken on Oct 18, 2003 and in full rut :cool:



I'll keep my fingers crossed for ya'll.....

That is tough.....I can remember years ago they did that to us.......Luckily we had enough land to where would could kinda avoid them, but still it wasn't fun listening to Skidders, and Chain-Saws all day.....

Unfortunately, Timber people don't recognize Deer Season......Of course we gotta remember......That's their Livelyhood..... :)


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Just remember all that browse that starts popping out as soon as they finish will be a feast for the deer. Their timing may just result in better luck for you in a couple weeks. Deer don't go far when thinning starts and soon as the noise quits they move right back in.
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The pines that are being thinned are for the most part in the center of the property. Then they are surrounded by small pines and then creek bottoms.

When the rut turns on the big boys like to run the mature pines in search of doe's but it looks and sounds like the creek bottoms and edges of the small pines will be the ticket.

Maybe around Thanksgiving the 2nd rut will kick in and we will be able to have a good hunt.

I ain't giving up though and I am glad they are thinning some of the pines cause they were to big to climb anyways.

Gadeerwoman that is very true and if nothing else the turkey season next spring should be awesome! :cool:


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Our land was thinned 2 years ago during deer season.. It affected the hunting a little ( mainly for us) but it didnt seem to affect the deer too much..In the evenings when they got off work the deer would come out in groups it seemed to check everything out.. Now that its over our hunting has greatly improved....


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hunting a select cut it one of my favorites! they are clear cutting our select cut right now, and we are still seeing deer in it. the machinery isnt bothering them too bad. luckily they are leaving the small oaks and scrub.


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While the noise may not make it fun to hunt around, deer don't leave the thinning area at all. As soon as the logging crew shuts down for the day, move to an intersection of a couple of skid trails where you have good visibility (or talk to the loader, feller-buncher, & skidder operators & ask them where they are seeing deer). Deer usually move around the area during the thinning and feed on the tops of small trees & brush that gets knocked over. Yep, it's unsightly at first & can be noisy, but deer start using it immediately. Good luck!


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Hey man at least they only thinnin they came on our place in Monroe County and CLEAR CUT THE FOOL out of it. All I've seen is the tracks of Deer but not the First one Yet :( But I hope it starts showin cause MA gettin upset with me and the Club ::huh: Long story


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Know the feeling, man. They moved in on my lease a week ago and are in the process of leveling 100 acres of big wood. I found a single white oak on the edge of a bug spot that was cut 4 years ago that had "big buck with muzzleloader" nailed to it. ;) I had planned to hunt it this weekend and from where the loggers started, I knew they wouldn't be there by then. However Thursday, I went over there and talked with them and did some scouting and although they aren't cutting over there yet, all last week foresters had been in there marking the poles which means a couple men covered literally every inch of the land looking at and marking poles for 8 hours a day. In fact the tree I had picked to climb is marked for a 40 footer. I had to move on to another place but that's just how it is. The loggers are gonna stump and clear a couple nice areas for food plots while they are in there. :)

They first thinned about 150 acres on us this summer and it is really nice. The turkeys have moved in there big time. I was in the thin this morning along a big creek and a big flock flew across to me, just a cackling away. Didn't bring no deer with them, though. ::huh: :) In just the 2 months since they finished, the browse has increased dramatically.
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I hope you don't turkey hunt in there . The turkeys will leave.
................Strange,,It didnt affect ours at all...We saw as many the following turkey season as before the cut..But they left good buffers along the creeks which probably helped..
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