AYCE Catfish ?


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Check out Booty's fish house in Royston, may be a little over an hour but dang good fish.


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John Boys on 78 in front of Northern Tool. Wonderful AYCE whole cats and whiting on fridays (all day). Fiserman's Catch on 78 across from Home Depot. Wednesday 4 till close AYCE whole cats and flounder. We dine at the latter every Wednesday. Both are between Stone Mountain and Snellville

Where is a good place to eat some catfish? Any place within 1 hour of Marietta.

If you are in Albertville, or Gunterville, on US-431, stop at
Catfish Cabin. It is fine to drive that far to eat there.
Make a trip to fish Gunterville Lake, then you are there,
and that makes two trips into one. Good Eating


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There used to be on going into Kennesaw on Wade Green Road. I can't remember the name - something BBQ but I always had the catfish. Try to find the name shortly.