Back from the taxidermist

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I've just returned with a good load of work done at our favorite taxidermist shop in southern Ky. Two bears that he rescued for us (looong story!), a buck I killed in Kentucky and a rack from a buck my SIL got in Tennessee were all loaded up. Quite a haul, if I do say

My daughter could not resist saying after I text her some pics: "You might be a redneck.... If all your passengers are mounted wildlife" :bounce:

My Buddy got the classic "mean bear" look and I chose the "tranquil" look for mine. The skulls mimic the mounts with open and closed moths respectively.


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Loaded! Nice mounts! Congrats.
Very nice indeed! Love the Tranquil look too!
Would like to know how much I need to save to have a Bruin mounted like that (if I ever get one). PM would be good, Thanks