Back seat request for Oconee. Thursday....

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In Madison for the week. I am just throwing this out to see if anyone maybe need or want a person to fish their back seat on Oconee, out of Surgar Creek Marina, this Thursday. I’m happy to pay for gas and such. I am from Florida and have bass fish for 25 plus years, in central Florida. I’ll have all my own gear. Drop me a note here or e-mail, With thoughts or questions. I will be legal with an out of state Gorigia freshwater liscence. Thanks for the consideration. I live in Lakeland FL. And would be happy to reciprocate on South Kissimmee if that would interest you, in my Boat. Thanks Tomm
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Good afternoon, thanks for taking a look at my request. My back has gone south, so no fishing for me this trip. But, the invite is open, for me to take you out of South lake Kissimmee. For a future Oconee trip. I am typically not in Madison long enough to justify towing my boat. Feel free to e-mail me to work on a trip. I am open to answer any questions, just wishing to get some water/fishing time on Oconee in the future. Enjoy your winter. Tomm
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I will look forward to it. Thankyou. I only get to visit once or twice a year. With hopes to retire in Madison. I’ll drop you a note next time I visit. Tomm