Bait shops in Gwinnett county???


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Ok, so me and some coworkers are going to hit up a fishing hole in Duluth. Its a crappie pond. Yes I know that it isn't the right time of the year, but we're going anyway. So, we work here in Lawrenceville, and want to get some minnows around here, or on the way to Duluth. The only spot I've been able to find is that Twin Lakes place off 20 and 124, but they want $6 per dozen; thats crazy talk. I know that Happy Hooker over in Winder has crappie minnows for $1.50 per dozen, but I don't feel like driving to Winder for some minnows.

Anyone know a place to get minnows between Lawrenceville and Duluth???


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Good luck... Please please please let us know if you find any place...Closest place I know of is the Ice House (or at least it used to be ) on Buford Hwy. just inside the perimeter...
There's a Shell station at the corner of medlock bridge and spalding drive in duluth which has a sign out front that says they sell live bait. I have no clue if they're talking worms, crickets or minnows, but it might be worth a shot.


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I am not sure the name of the place, but there is a hole in the wall store in Duluth that sells minnows. I went there once for a rod repair. It is off Buford Highway near downtown Duluth.


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My friend, Duluth Outdoors is the place to go. I have purchased minnows there a hundred times. Great guy owns and it fair priced bait.