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I need a filter system for the tank. Where or what kind of filter do I use? I was going to build the tank from a construction water cooler tank with a aerator that is cylindrical and mounts on the top. Any ideas??


Here is how i did mine. 4.5'' pvc with bilge pump in bottom and homemade venturi for aeration, no noisy spray bar. for filter i just cut strips of a/c filter from home depot and place inside. you can also use poly fill(pillow stuffing). Just try to have your intake off of the bottom a little. feel free to ask questions, I am not an expert but i sure have tried alot of things that didn't work.:)
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that looks simple and effective- could I have a little more detail in how you put it together? also what kind of container did you use? I guess I am not clear on how it airates the water.
bait tank

i just bought a 20 gallon bait tank from Hammond supplies in canton ga insulated already set up i think i paid $ 239.00 for it works great i catch my own bait for stripper fishing and i buy minnows in bulk for crappie fishing ,, i have had my crappie minnows in the tank for over a month and i have lost only one great tank and worth the money ,,, they have a web site look at they have all kinds of stripper fishing supplies


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If your filter is at the bottom of the tank, how can you tell when it needs changed? And how easy is it to do when you are still on the water. If you are looking for a do it yourself tank, google "bubba bait tank". The design is very similar to tanks that run $400-500.


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I would second the bubba tank idea unless you are willing to spend around $500. The only thing the more expensive tanks have over the Bubba is the tank is insulated.
Insulation is not much of factor now but heat it will kill your bait dead before you can get to lake 5 months a year. It truly pays to have a good bait tank.


I used a tub that i had ,it use to have supplement for cattle in it.I used bubble wrap insulation wrapped around the tank(worked great all summer).A piece of 4.5" pvc 6" long, and a cap. drilled a hole in pipe just above where the cap goes to accomodate the bilge pump outlet. put pump in place and put cap on pvc. attach the venturi(I'll put a link at bottom of page).Leave the top open and stick filter material in.That is your inlet, it will be 6 inches off of bottom. the filter is easy to see, I usually just pull it out and flap it over the side of boat in the water to clean it every couple of hours, but have went 4 or 5 hours with no problem.
this is basically how i did my venturi, except i used a tube long enough to go from bottom of tank out the top.
Gizzard and Threadfins???

Very cool instructions. How successful is that design at keeping gizzard and threadfin shad alive? I might build one for striper fishing.