Bamboo Fly Rod

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I recently moved to my mountain house and while unpacking boxes I've had stored for years I came across this Vicki Bamboo Fly Rod from the late 1940. I've had this(original) wood box with the rod, fly's, and line so long I really don't know where I got them. It has never been used packages have never been opened.


Can I have it?:biggrin2:
Cool! I've got a bamboo Payne taper blank that I need to get started working on.
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Not sure of the type of wood,i'll get it back out and take a pic. of it
I have a bamboo rod that my father used. It has to be 50+ years old but go damaged by a moving company in one of my moves over the years. I might try to fix it.

Your find is priceless!
That is real nice. It looks like the kits made in Japan after the War. They sold a lot of them to American Service men who were stationed with the occupying forces. They came in wooden boxes like that with a number of flies, etc...I might be wrong though.


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Never learned how to throw one except
on a pond. That ain't hard, even for me.

River bank is a totally different story.
Tried and tried, just can't get it right for
some reason.

I would love to have that vintage in my collection.
Never would open it.

Great Re-find.. :cool: