Band of Bucks II

Didn't have any at all this summer, Born To. To be perfectly honest I missed my backyard pals too but I guess all good things do have to end eventually.

Looking forward to hunting some very different terrain this season up here in the piedmont. Good luck to use as well!
Congrats on your move to the piedmont which DNR harvest data shows has more whitetail opportunities than the other sections of the state. I know I see more deer there than other parts of Georgia.

Sorry you had to leave your previous yard buddies behind which has been some great entertainment for us all that you treated us to.

Hope you have lots of fine whitetail encounters this season in new places. At least in recent years, you seem to do very well in bagging some good ones. Hope your new surroundings treat you even better. Thanks for the update. Looking forward to you getting another wallhanger, Sir.


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Good to hear from u Ernie , I bet u miss your backyard zoo , hopefully you’ve started a new one in a beautiful place , maybe whoever bought your home are enjoying the deer as much as u did !