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been hearin them alot all season and late in the season too.
yesterday and today they are starting to not make much noise after flydown though.
Can't wait myself, got one picked out already. I planted a little bow plot and hung a stand this past weekend in another spot. I got a few more things i need to try and get done. Hopefully it will be a successful year for all of us!
Well I've seen two deer so far in three and a half sits. First one was a small 8pt. Came out broadside at 30 yards. I gave him a free pass. Then I seen one for a split second walking through the hardwoods. It was big bodied but that's all I could tell. Hopin to get one his evening on film.


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good luck with your filming of your hunt. weve been seeing deer almost every time were in the woods. a couple of small bucks and does.
good luck with your filming of your hunt. weve been seeing deer almost every time were in the woods. a couple of small bucks and does.
Wound up having three small bucks come in about 7:15 or so. One wound up coming within 45 yards but looked to be just a small 6pt. The bypassed the food plots and kept easing along in the hardwoods. The acorns are falling like crazy and the deer could care less about a food plot.
Well been pretty slow for me so far. This evening is my fourth time hunting since the opener and I seem a small 6pt on opening morning and that's it. But I got some friends and family who have got some decent bucks on the ground. One 9 pointer was show enough good. Good luck to y'all fellas. The rut ought to be here before we know it.
Went morning of 10-21 and saw two sets of deer run past my stand at full speed, one right behind the other. And then, 0n 10-28, didn't see anything at all. I think between the cold weather, the full moon, and Sandi, they got all mixed up. I hope they get back to their routine this weekend.

On a separate note, I just moved up here from Savannah and a friend let me hunt his 20 acres. Any of ya'll know of any openings on clubs or leases up here? Thanks.
Well first off Welcome to Banks County Mark. There are several clubs around but most of them are made up of local people. You don't see any advertising of clubs much.

The rut is def starting to show up. The past two hunts I've seen chasing and a little fighting. I had a buddy see a good bit of chasing this morning and a friend got some breeding action on his trail cam so id say it should start cutting loose. I seen 11 yesterday afternoon. 7 bucks and 2 does, and two little ones. One buck looked to be about a 3.5 yr old 8-10. Couldn't tell real good at 250 yards away. The only other buck worth mentioning was a piebald 6pointer. First one for me and it was def worth seeing. Good luck to y'all fellas. Looks like I get to go out of town the rest of the week.