Banned members at Spring Fling?

anyone is welcome, and we dont check ID.

But does it make sense for folks to show up to a function that they dont care for?


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I'd like to think that anybody there would be civil and courteous to anybody who shows up - If a banned member's just there to fellowship with folks he met through Woody's, it would seem to be a nice time for all to get to know one another better - In fact, most people on these forums are usually better liked and understood much, much more in face-to-face fellowship than through a computer monitor... But, if a banned member was there just to stir trouble, I'd say just stay home...
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Thanks, fellas.

I know a lot of them hang in one place particular. They don't have a beef or want to harm anyone but still have friendships with some of the peeps over here.

So it would make sense that they "might" want to go to one of the cookout's.

I know I have never been to one. I would like to come but can't talk the Mrs. Morris into going.

I love door prizes. It's like gravy.


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So if a banned shows up, folks see he/she ain't that bad can they get their rights back and come back to the campfire?

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GON have to consult the rules orical oracal oracil orecol wise person. She say that name be done gone to Glory and ain't vailable for use no mo by no body no time no how.
What was your name before you got banded, possum? :bounce: