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I just was reminded of another reason I like Crocs around the house.

They have saved me months of toe cripple time.
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flip flops will stay on yer foots real good with a few wraps of Duck-tape!
Why didn't I think of this? I love duck (duct) tape. When I was a kid, I thought it was duck tape, so that's what I still call it.
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The label now says duck tape? That's funny.


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Actually the original form of the tape was called Duck Tape.

Duct tape is usually thinner and most often shinny silver and it can withstand higher temps with out the adhesive getting runny.


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speakin of bathroom your shoes got laces?

them tips lay on the floor...when ya use the urinal...and most guys have bad aim.

go figure that when you lace up in the morning. ugh.
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No, my shoe laces ain't that long. They can't touch the ground and when I wear shoes, I just slip them on and off. Only tied them a few times.