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Looking for anyone with experience living in a metal home/shop like the type offered, just as an example, and found here:

Right now, for the wife and I, we're really interested in these as they can typically be done on the cheap (about $50-70 sq/ft) without sacrificing quality.

Wanting to know anything and everything we can from those with experience. What are the not-so-obvious differences from a traditional stick-built house? How energy efficient? Drafty in winter? Hard to cool in summer? Maintenance? Quality erectors available? Common problems? A good investment? Durability? Etc., etc.

For situational awareness, we desire a one story with a lower profile roof.

Again, we want to hear the good, bad, or ugly, pretty, etc., so please chime in with your thoughts, and feel free to PM if necessary as well.

Thanks in advance for helping us figure some things out!
I have a Photography Studio in one of these Atlas buildings ... I only have a part of it "finished" as what you could call house like ... I did sheetrock the walls, the ceiling and tiled the floor ... I would not mind living in it ... with a little more rock and some work it would be a very workable home ... I don't run the heat and air all the time ... but it is very easy to heat and not too bad to cool... mine has insulation in the walls and ceiling... Mine is called the Admiral...


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If they do a good job with the spray foam it will not be drafty at all ... actually the opposite. Spray foam houses require outside air intakes for ventilation through the AC system. If it were mine I would ask for 2x6 exterior framing for the spray foam.The interior will be almost indistinguishable from conventional if finished well. The only problem with the exterior for me is lack of architectural detail. Adding the porch, false shutters(or real) and finding a way to break up the single continuous color scheme would help. Good luck with it and I hope it's exactly what you want.
Be carefull about what spray foam gets used because the hard set foam does very little to block noise. It would sound like living in a oil drum when it rains or a car goes by or when your outdoor ac unit comes on.