Barr press conference media panic

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If there had been anything substantive in the investigative report the lynch mob would already be marching up Pennsylvania Ave.

They got nothin!
There was nothing there from the beginning other than an attempt to unseat a duly elected President. Some heads need to roll!
I watched it in REAL TIME. Barr SMOKED that dipstick, blonde female pushing him on the point(s) that this was "unprecedented".

She lost..... BIGTIME>>>

Yes, Sir. Here's the blonde bimbo in the Breitbart video below with the "unprecedented" smackdown on the last 17-seconds.

2nd & 3rd Breitbart video shows fearless Kellyanne Conway spanking the liberal media.

A.G. Barr Shuts Down Reporter for Saying He Was 'Being Generous to the President.'

Conway to the Press: 'The Big Lie That You Let Fly for 2 Years Is Over, Folks'

Kellyanne Conway: 'We're Accepting Apologies Today'

Here's Sarah Huckabee Sanders weighing in on the liberal media panic meltdown after AG Barr releases the redacted Mueller report.

Time = 3:15
Fox News

Published on April 18, 2019

White House Press Secretary Sarah Sanders reacts to Mueller report findings on 'Hannity.'