Battery Pack and Solar Charger

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Anyone have experience with this type product? Seem like a ton of options on amazon and hard to decide what is necessary or better more importantly. I'm looking for something like below links. Is this junk? If anyone has a battery diagram that makes sense of it all would be great! The battery #'s are really confusing.

I know the bigger the solar array the more power output but I'm more interested in the battery pack and what quality to look for. Like I said, amazon has a ton of items and probably half fake reviews.

I understand the limitations of the battery packs to an extent for what they can run but not the drawtime power. I have a generator just curious if these things aren't more useful that a small battery pack to support cell phone or if the size merits the power output.


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With these you tend to look at the MaH rating or at least i do. Some batteries are better than others yes but MaH will more or less tell you the capacity for charging. I have a 10K MaH battery pack for my phone and can usually get 2-3 charges out of it (depending on how low my phone is) before it is dead. The pack you linked is 45K so roughly 8-10 charges give or take. Not too bad really for a family camping trip figuring multiple devices.

I will say that i would be skeptical about the solar charger given the cost. My 10K pack can take a good 6-8 hours to charger back up to full power and thats on shore power. Admittedly i have zero experience with solar panels but i would think it would need to be super efficient to charge a 45K pack back up even 1/4 to 1/2 of the way throughout the day. full disclosure.....i'm cheap so i would rather have a second battery pack for the price of that smaller solar panel.