Battle with cancer

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I would lke to ask for prayers for one of our members here at Woody's. I do not want to take it for granted they want this publicized, so I will keep it private. I am certain the the good Lord knows even without naming the benefactors of our plea's.

The spouse is battling cancer and both really need to be lifted up.


We will pray.
Two years ago this month I underwent surgery for cancer. Doc told me I had a large growth and hoped it hadn't spead. I must admit at first I was scared. I had fear for who would take care of my young son and help him to become a man. I didn't want to miss out on him growing up. I prayed and asked for guidance. Word spread amoung my friends and they prayed. I received notice that whole church's were praying for me. People I had never heard of cared enough to pray. I placed it in God's hands and accepted his plan for me and my family. I am now cancer free and am enjoying watching my son grow into a man. I feel that all of the prayer on my behalf made the difference. Prayer is strong and many prayers is very strong!
We will pray
Prayers are said !

Prayers have been said and will be continued.....