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The Trump Baby baloon is capable of floating a lot of boats it would seem. I am surprised that the Trump Train has not already co-opted the thing to show how beneficial new life can be in Washington.


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We’ve been in Panama since last Saturday. The crowds down here are ridiculous.
I've worked at the Atlanta airport since the 90's. I have never seen the airport so crowded as I have the last couple of years. It's crazy how many people are traveling nowadays.

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I noticed the same thing at the campground I stayed at this week. It was full, and nearly every camper there was 20k plus, and the trucks that towed them in were 50k plus trucks. if you took an extremely conservative value of 50k for camper and truck, there were well over 3 million dollars sitting on that small 25 acre campground
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Fireworks here on the beach started even before sundown, then they were still going strong when I tried to go to bed at 10:30PM.

I'd say a lot of folks here have money to burn.


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In Myrtle taking care of my dad, or at least his grass. I decided this morning that I was going to grab a hotel on the beach for tonight and treat my wife and kids to a night out on the town. We have been here a gazillion times, so we normally staybat dads because my son would rather fish and play in dad's lake.

Opend my BonVoy (Marriott) app this morning, nada. Every Marriott and all affiliates sold out within 30 miles.

Firework store yesterday had a 30 min wait just to get inside. Another 30 min to checkout.



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I've been checking prices this week for any last min deals. Areas I'd consider are slap full and prices are up there for the ones that aren't. I did not have my heart set on it, so I was only going if I could find a bargain.


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Lots more fireworks have been available the last few years since Hillary Clinton was forced, by the American people’s voting against her, to cancel her celebratory gala. Since then, seems the Dems don’t like to see the sky lit up. Tough!


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Went down to Sam's Corner in Garden City this afternoon, oh em gee.

I spent every summer during my first 18 years in Myrtle Beach and many, many vaca's here being most of my family is here.

I have NEVER seen the place like it is. If these folks vote, it'll be yuge!
Judging from the amount of tourists up here in the Smokies this weekend, I'm amazed that there's anybody left to go to the beach.


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The true indicator of economic health. During Obummer years, the crowds dwindled at Daytona Beach. Last weekend and so far today, the economy is booming and the crowds are thick!
That's because of the Trump tax cuts. Folks have a little more " disposable" income. I know you don't need me to tell you that. Might help other's gain a little more understanding though. I know 2 couples down there right now. Both are telling me that are having great vacations, without the worry of going broke. I hope to visit Clearwater soon. I'm just being thrifty because my recent move cost a small fortune. We haven't even got the first utility bill yet. I'm waiting to see about what that will cost, along with peeling out Benjamin's that we've already paid out. Guess we will see Monday when the mail comes. 😁
Judging from the amount of tourists up here in the Smokies this weekend, I'm amazed that there's anybody left to go to the beach.
They are loaded with $ so they are on the move. They did the beach Thursday and Friday and hit the Smokies late Friday night. They are making America great again. It's what we Americans do when the government leaves us alone a little bit. :bounce::rockon:


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Crowded on Lake Seminole too. I saw two ski boats and 5 jet skis all day.