Bear Hunting Cohutta

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Can anybody tell me anything about the Murray Creek Drain coming out of TN (Big Frog Mountain area) that flows down to Jack's River on the GA side?


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rafvnrd,, I sent you a PM
Hey guys, this is probably a newby question, while I was at Cohutta today I saw two of these and it made me think of bear sign, it was in the ground which had been dug up by something and chewed or scratched on, with bees and what looked like a nest. So I figured a bear was looking around for honey, would I be wrong or right? Thanks. And sorry about the pic quality it was with a cell phone.


I know edsel b spoke with an officer concerning this issue, but these stipulations concern me in dealing with deer carts inside the wilderness area. one officer could say "legal", and the next write you a ticket. i wish we could find out more. i will contact a local wrd law enforcement officer i know to get some clarification.

General Wilderness Prohibitions
Motorized equipment and equipment used for mechanical transport is generally prohibited on all federal lands designated as wilderness. This includes the use of motor vehicles, motorboats, motorized equipment, bicycles, hang gliders, wagons, carts, portage wheels, and the landing of aircraft including helicopters, unless provided for in specific legislation.

In a few areas some exceptions allowing the use of motorized equipment or mechanical transport are described in the special regulations in effect for a specific area. Contact the Forest Service office for more specific information.

These general prohibitions have been implemented for all national forest wildernesses in order to implement the provisions of the Wilderness Act of 1964. The Wilderness Act requires management of human-caused impacts and protection of the area's wilderness character to insure that it is "unimpaired for the future use and enjoyment as wilderness." Use of the equipment listed as prohibited in wilderness is inconsistent with the provision in the Wilderness Act which mandates opportunities for solitude or primitive recreation and that wilderness is a place that is in contrast with areas where people and their works are

edsel b

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That,s was jest what the leo over here told me and the game warden,s over here told me and i just as the ranger over here and that,s what thay said. Because i do alot of guiding over there and uses them all the time. Thay said you can,t run over little live trees or anything but that,s all. I contract with them all the time too and use them all the time too carry my stuff in . So that,s all i no. Thay see me use them all the time . Neaver had anything said. Thinks brent


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You cannot have a wheel in a wilderness area. Period. It is that way for the reason of keeping it wilderness. Some may turn a blind eye but it will catch up with you.
Yes. For the love of all things holy don't drag it out unless you are tired of having a properly working spine.

You got that right. I killed a bear last year on cohutta a 9:30 and it took us until 5:00 to get it out. We were 6 miles in and had to pole the bear out to keep the hide good. I knew it was legal but the game wardens dont like to see caped out bears that are under 150. I have heard that really give you crap for it unless its a huge bear. Wanted to cape it out but didnt want to have it confiscated for any reason. Yes i have scoliosis now.


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Hey, don't worry so much about trying to get a really big bear. Average bear on Cohutta is going to be about 160lbs and any legal bear is a good one. The 400 pounders you hear about either didn't really weigh that much or have been camped in someone's corn field.
I have been hunting Cohutta for seven years now. I have spoken with the wardens on the mountain, and there is absolutely no use of anything with a wheel on the trails, unless they are marked bicycle trail.. Disapointing, but you wouldn't get the full experience without having to drag him out..
I see these are older posts but wondering if anyone has any updated info on hunting this area. Is the WMA and wilderness area the same thing? Still a lot of bear/pig/deer in the area around the WMA? Thanks