Bear Skull

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Hahaha! I now know what you mean!!! The piper has to be paid daily lol!
You did a great job Staygold! Doing a skull is so easy that I could never justify dropping $100.00 on one when I can do it for about $10.00 myself. All it requires is a little work. I'd rather get a fine Euro mount for a little work at $10.00 personal cost than with no work at a $100.00 taxidermist cost. I don't have $90.00 to burn like that.
Not sure what method you used, but to educate yourself further, you should go to Youtube and search for a channel called "Whitebone Creations".

This man is the pro of all pros. He does skull mounts and only skull mounts. He will forget more about making skull mounts than 100 taxidermists will learn in a career.
He will make you a pro in a day or two.
His videos are some of the most educational and enjoyable videos I have ever seen on YouTube because he is so laid back, and explains everything he does in the most simple way. Everybody reading this should go now and look him up!
The simplified process is like such:
Remove everything that you can before hand. Fat, skin, sinew, cartilage, and meat. Also, scramble the brains. Boil a half hour in Oxiclean which is a good degreaser, wash or scrape away everything you can. Continue to boil in short increments (like C. Killmaster said) and proceed in washing or scraping away. You can use long fishing forceps or extra long needle nose pliars to remove ALL of the cartilage in the nasal cavity. Repeat until skull is clean. Every cavity, nook, and cranny must be clean (including the brain cavity).
Once the skull is clean, let it dry for a while. Make sure to collect teeth that might have been lost in the boiling process. You can glue them in at the end.
You can boil the skull in a solution of LIQUID peroxide (40%) for about 10 mins. The solution should be 1 part liquid peroxide (40%) and one part water. You can store this solution and re-use it 20-40 times. A one gallon jug costs about $23.00. Buy two jugs at about $46.00, and this should make you about 30-40 skulls that end up brighter and whiter than computer paper. You can re-use it about 30-40 times.
The total peroxide cost per euro skull mount comes out to be about $1.75 per skull. I'd call that dirt freaking cheap!
After the one or two whitening boils, just glue back in teeth that fell out with super glue and brush with mop-n-glo to seal the pores against settling dust.

I am a blue collar man and just don't have a $100.00 bill that I can just throw at a taxidermist. I don't have that kind of money. $100.00 to me means one week of gas and groceries, so that's why I spend the $10.00 to do it myself.
Once you learn the process and have the equipment, you can make the finest euro mount for less than $10.00.
Youtube is your best friend and it will save you hundreds if not thousands on euro mounts in your lifetime.
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Good advice there! I actually watched his youtube video several times before I started and followed his steps. It wasn't too bad. The jaw bone and teeth falling out scared me for a minute, but after it was all cleaned up and elmer glued it back together it turned out great!