Beaver tail dog blind

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anyone ever used one of these or know someone who has? I’m looking and can’t find anything online but it looks like midway has them on sale. Trying to decide if I should buy one now or wait on something else.

I think which dog stand u get depends on where u hunt ... if it's the field one I don't believe it has any legs to raise out of water for more versatility... not sure of ur budget but if possible save more and get the MoMarsh invisilab ... a person on duck hunt chat has a like new 1 for $150.00 shipped ... prolly offer 135-140 and get it ...
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Thanks flatsmaster. I searched and searched and couldn’t find anything on it. It looked comparable in size and shape to a ground force which I saw a lot of good things about. This will mostly be for field hunting. Planning to use a lock-in or climber stand bottom when hunting in the swamp. I don’t need to get one right now but just didn’t want to pass uup a good deal if this was one. I’ll keep my eye out on different classified adds for another. Thanks again!


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I’ll second the invisilab. I’ve had mine 5 years and it’s holding up well. It’s very versatile...I’ve used it as a crate, in the field, in the water, and even for my 5 year old son to hide/play in when we go hunting.
4th the momarsh dog stand. only down side is it doesnt come with a carry strap for walk in hunts but a rope can fix that.