been moving and unoacking and hunting and working


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Take that as a fair warning folks. He will be back. :whip: ::;

Glad you're back, Jim...
Where did you move to? Seems like you had just recently moved.
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Only way to make any money these days...buying my own houses:D

Mike, I moved down close to the Mars Hill and Dallas Hwy intersection only about 4 miles from where I was.



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Just don't accumalate a lot and it's not so bad. After 36 years on marriage I cant bear the thought. I would just have to have an acution and sell it all and start over.



You gotta get your priorites right dude!!!!!!!!!!!

Two things you "DON'T" do during Deer Season.......

1) MOVE......Big "NO NO"!!!!!!!!!!

2) GET MARRIED........

Well, I'm not sure if you should "EVER" do this one...... ;)
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Tim, If not for the hurricane I would have lost out on hunting time, but since the weather was soooooo bad I prolly would not have hunted in 30 mile an hour winds anyway.

You are right about number 2:D:D