Berrien county Alapaha river

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How about a report post hurricane Michael. Wind and rain amount.
Hoping the river does not come up tooooo far. just did four days of work last week and hope it is not for naught
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the last morning we were at camp we decided to go out on a limb and build an arguably :"sacrificial" bridge. Knowing if the river came up too much it would wash out. This is the first slough and when it gets deep we have no access to our river side of the property. it was ten days before Michael and we thought it may be a wash, pun intended. The river can come up about 6 or 7 feet before the bridge would be in jeopardy.


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Nothing positive to report so far this firearms season. Two hunts over the first two weeks and lots of warm and often wet conditions. Loads of trail cam pictures of some great buck all in darkness. No rut sign as of Nov ember 6th.
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Will be on the property 11/15 for 4 .. 5 .. 6 .. days???
Septic system is inoperable, so no showers or toilet or any water use. Might be tough. Glad it will be cold so there is less perspiration!!!:confused:
Ain't nobody posted in a long while. Yesterday seen some early rut action. Earliest I ever seen. Maybe the long needed rain fired up a little action. My son also got his first deer this past weekend, a nice two year old six point. IMG_20191026_213649913_BURST001.jpg
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Hey Wanderlust, Thanks for kick starting the conversation! Great job on that buck for your son. I will be up next weekend for an extended stay as I have shut down my business and am getting ready to make some changes in my life. I was up the open and did see a few rubs. Only doe w/fawns and a couple small buck were seen that weekend. Stay in touch. Whitetailer/Russ
Got a decent 9 pt yesterday evening. He walked in about 5:30 and was feeding in the food plot. Hocks were dark and he smelled rutty.Neck was swollen up pretty good. Seen him back in November but was too far for a shot. Not a giant but my best with a crossbow. IMG_20191201_192809624.jpg IMG_20191201_192829940.jpg