Berrys at sinclair yesterday!!!!

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It was a tough day for most at sinclair yesterday but a few folks had some really awesome sacks for this time of the year. The winning team had a fine sack of fish sporting a total weight of 19.70 lbs. Guys thats strong for lake sinclair anytime. Heck second place was 17.74lbs and the big fish was a hair shy of 7 lbs. Mr. Bobby Barry had 125 boats participate in the event. Mr. Bobby and his sons do an awesome job running a tournament trail and i personally cant wait till next year so i can fish everyone of his tournaments. This was the last tournament of this series but he has more coming soon. Thanks mr. Bobby for a job well done. My son and i fished but i knew before the tournament started that i was not on any fish much. We had about 7 lbs and worked really hard for those. If you dont fish the barrys trail you are missing out. I fish alot of tournaments but my two most favorite are barrys and ht3. Check out their websites.


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Yeah Bobby Berry and His Sons are some good people. And they run a great trail!
Berry's is a great trail and it show by the number of boats that participate.
Wish I had seen you up there Robbie. Me and my dad fished and ended up 15th. We have been on some big fish and couldn't get them in the boat this time. I lost three fish over 4lbs in about 10 cast in the morning and my dad lost one that was pushing 5lbs in the same spot about 5 minutes later. We ended up returning to the spot in the afternoon and caught three 3lb'rs to boost our weight to nearly 12lbs.
We had 18lbs last weekend and lost 4 over 4lbs in C&R. It hurts to lose big fish like that two weekends in a row. I don't know that I could have done anything different since the fish were on treble hooks. They would jump and throw the hook everytime. :mad::banginghe

Oh well, guess that is why it is called fishing and not catching. At least we managed a check.

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Good to talk to you Matt!!Yep we had 7.16 I think my partner didn't put a keeper in the boat :D Although we did find a sweet cranking spot were I put a 3 lber in the boat and caught some keepers off it. I will probably fish this trail next year!!
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Those 3lbers are very important on sinclair. If you can get one fish that weighs 3lbs or better and 4 more "keepers" you will generally get a check. I wished for a 3lber all day. Most of the big fish are being caught up the river on points and early in the grass. I went to the twin bridges area because i knew i could get 5 fast but didnt know how big they would be. Unfortunatley they turned out to be typical 14inchers. Oh well i got a check for $700.00 on sinclair about 5 weeks ago. You cant get one every single time i guess. I saw the weights of some of the guys who usually do very good and they looked pretty bad. Its getting hot now and it will only get tougher until the fall.