Best 6.5 Creedmoor ammo for deer

Jim Boyd

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Been a long time since I shot a deer with a gun but a 7mm08 with hand loaded 140 TSX Barnes was the nearest thing I have ever seen to a death ray on deer.

I would say if you can find a TSX that the 6.5 likes, it should perform very well for you.

This is simply an opinion but in my experience it is not what you shoot them with - it is WHERE you shoot them. I know that is another subject altogether and is not meant to derail this fine thread.

Good luck!
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this is like any question on guns and ammo .. ask 10 people and get 11 different answers .. i used my new 260 on 2 bucks last year .. one @ 40yds w. 140 gr sgk .. tore his heart in half ( if that's a good thing) .. shot another @ 88 yds w/ 123gr sst and we both were very impressed ..both bullets are moving @ apprx 2750 fps .. i agree w/just reload and try ..:cheers:


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Shot three with 120 grain Hornady gmx from 80 to 140 yards all three dropped and had a golf ball size hole bored through them. I'm trying 130 vld hunters loaded by copper Creek this year.
Im very partial to .308. I know nothing about the 6.5 because I don't own one. Ive got several different cal.'s in bolt action rifles. I have killed deer/hogs with them using several different shades of factory ammo. If you put the bullet in the right place its gonna kill, doesn't matter what cal. it is.


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Creedmoor ammo cheaper then 7/08z
Creedmoor becoming super popular meaning more funding is being spent in it.

I have both a 7/08 and a 6.5creed, the creed is close to the 7/08 but with cheaper more available ammo and less recoil.
The "cheaper ammo" argument sounds like something to tell the wife to justify a new purchase.

Yes, there is much more variety in 6.5 Creed ammo, but a lot of it is target stuff, worthless for hunting.

Midway lists 27 varieties for 7mm-08, all hunting rounds. They list 50 for the cm, and over 20 are target ammo. No big difference in price, maybe a dollar or two on some. Premium is usually the same.

7mm-08 leaves the muzzle 100-175 FPS faster, and stays faster through reasonable hunting distances.