Best deal on bulk 308 ammo?


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Anybody have a recommendation for the best place to buy bulk 308 ammo?

I was looking at Georgia arms canned heat, but read a few posts on here that gave me pause about their ammo.

Any recommendations would be appreciated!


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I use 168 grain match points from georgia arms, and i get 100 rds for $65. They shoot the best out of any ammo i have tried. never any problems. I shot a pretty tight clover out to about 200 yrds. I am shooting a cz 550 .308. I would not get the canned heat though. I do not like hot rounds at all.
I just ordered some of the Prvi stuff, a guy on here recommended some sites for me, and AIM surplus, I ordered some 44 mag from Ga Arms, they said it would be a month before they could probably ship it, the woman I talked to said they were swamped.


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BTW they just got in some IMI 223 and 308 NEW brass.

the IMI stuff is really good quality stuff. some of the best brass you'll ever deal with..they are expecting to get 9mm brass also


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Amazing...apparently they sold out of the IMI brass for 223 and 308 in one day......

Glad I got my 2000