best deodorant for hunting

What do you'll use?
Secret Platinum UNSCENTED. :smash:

But that might make you look a little girlie so I would say that the Scent Away stuff from Wallyworld works just as good as the Secret. :bounce: I've used it and couldn't tell a difference. :huh:


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I'm sure it will get a few laughs but if i am out of the hunter's specialties stuff i use rubbing alcohol. it kills odor causing bacteria and seems to act as a mild antiperspirant. i always keep a bottle in the truck for medical emergencies but it has doubled as emergency deodorant for me for years.
Hai-Karate aftershave...:pop:


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Scent Away

It has 20% AZT, which is as much as any national brand max strenght anti-perspirant.

I'm sure anything unscented is just as good.
Well, if a dog can easily smell a bird or deer or rabbit, can someone explain to me what earthly difference a scented or unscented deodorant could possible make?

A deer will smell you if it gets down wind of you and in the scent stream. They will smell you an unreal distance away. I have watched bird dos go to birds over distances of hundreds of yards just lifting their nose into the breeze and following it.

If you are up in a stand and the breeze/atmospherics are pushing your scent down onto the ground, Bambi will smell you. If it is lifting, Bambi can't smell you. What Bambi does once he smells you is a whole other thing though. I have watched deer many times that were perfectly comfortable with my presence and they could certainly smell me. If they think you belong where they find you, or they think you are no threat they just don't seem to care. I hunt birds in the woods with lots of deer and they will let you walk right past them or just get up and move away a little bit if you are going to walk right over them.
Well, I know I needed something bad yesterday. Generally I just get up and shower with no soap or something like Ivory just to knock the stank off and then hit the woods. It was cool yesterday morning but hot after that and I could smell myself by sundown.


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I use to use Sure unscented, but Speedstick seems to have improved their product (it use to flake real bad) so I switched back to Speedstick unscented.


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I like the arm and hammer unscented as well and I use the Arridd XXX dry unscented everyday anyway so No change during hunting season


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Mitchum unscented. Can't beat it. I hate that no scent hunter's deodorant. That stuff should be renamed to armpit hair remover! The Mitchum does a better job and doesnt rip your armpits to shreds.


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I use speed stick unscented. I have used scentaway in the past but I got tired of it ripping my armpit hair out. Maybe its just me but that stuff doesn't go on smoothly.