Best fillet Knife


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For large fish like King Mackerel I use a Cutco 9 inch Carver straight blade. It holds a good edge and stays sharp. I buy them on ebay.
I like my Dexter Russel purchased at a bait shop on Hatteras about 25yrs ago. Any restaurant supply place should have them for $10 or roundabouts. You can spend a lot more money if you like, but it's always done fine by me. It's stamped P94818 on the blade and is 8" long.
Mora all the way!! Can't beat the price for Sandvick steel.
Indeed. One would be hard-pressed to find a better value in a knife than Mora. I fell in love with Mora's for general purpose fixed blades, and later found a good deal on one of their fillet knives.

One of these (you can shop around for a better price. The ventilated sheath was a big selling point for me:
It's all in the Steel.
High Carbon sharpens easy , but it stains and dulls fast.
Harder Steel holds an edge better but it's harder to sharpen.
I use Dexters. Been Blue Water Big fish and Reds , Trout , Snook forever.
Cobia and Tuna should be Steaked out.
A 20 inch heavy backbone blade Breaking Knife is best for that.
Flex blades to work around the rib cage for Bass ect. 12 to 16 inches.
Dexter is good and sharpens real nice.