Best free antivirus


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Avira and Avast are two pretty good ones. Right now I'm using Avira.

Miguel Cervantes

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I've used AVG in the past, and pre-Windows 10 it was good, but then it let a few things through it shouldn't have. I've also tried Avast but it seemed to be a colossal memory hawg with not much better protection than AVG under W10

I've been running Windows Defender with good success. I also use CCleaner free to manage cookies and any sleepers that may sneak in that way. It's a good cookie cleaner as well as registry fixer, and even allows you to scan the start up programs to see where a gremlin may be hiding.

I also run Malware occasionally, but it never really picks up anything, which I guess is good.


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I've always used AVG Free on my desktop (yep...still have one) and laptop. Never had any issues. On my phone, I use CM Security which seems to work as advertised. Never had an issue with it either.


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I've had good luck with AVG.