Best Georgia outfitter for reasonable price

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I am looking for an outfitter for me and my wife this year in Georgia. We have a new child, and will not get the time to dedicate to hunting hard. We also did not get in a hunting club. I also would like to throw in the caveat of also being reasonably priced. My wife has never killed a buck, and the biggest thing I have killed is a at his ears 8, so killing a 130" deer would be just fine. Thank you in advanced!!!!!!


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Check with Cripple Creek Processing and Outfitters near Gordon. About 20 miles east of Macon, good deer in that area. They have a Facebook page.


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Check out woods and water west side of Wrightsville been by it a couple times I think they got 5000 acres total looks like a nice place
I've hunted with Blaine at Woods n Water just outside Wrightsville, at lleast 10 times, mostly for hogs. I did take a trip down for deer in '16 with a friend who won't miss our annual Wounded Warrior hog hunts. We saw a good number of deer and both of us had numerous opportunities at does, or small bucks.

Blaine does have trophy restrictions in place, but not based on score. I encouraged my Buddy to shoot a big buck he saw a couple times, but couldn't determine if it met the standards, but he didn't.

I saw a very large boar hog I could have shot, but I've killed several big ones (3 over 300) there and I was wanting a big buck. So, the hunt we had there for deer, which includes a doe and a hog, was a good one.

Our hunt was right around 1 November.

I'm happy to expand if you might have questions, via PM.
There are high fence places with huge deer in GA. Our hunting club bordered one and we would see 160-180 deer all the time through the fence.
check out Gray Ghost plantation, the one is my avatar is from there from a few years back. We went back this past year and I had a chance at one about that same size but had the stupid idea to hold out for one that I knew was there that was bigger. Wayne runs a first class operation and while there's guarantee's on deer I will guarantee you will have some good eating, and a good time on some beautiful property.
If you are willing to step over into Alabama then check out Enon Plantation, they have some really great deer on their property. I take all of my guys over there every year for a hog hunt and I’ve seen some absolute studs running around.